Project: Social Support for Injured Workers
Pilot testing the Social Support Inventory for Workers (SSI-WKR)

About the Project  Griffith University is developing a survey to gain further understanding of the role social support plays during recovery and return-to-work following a workplace injury or illness. 

What is Social Support?  Social support refers to the social resources we believe are available (or are actually provided to us) by people we know when we may need them. Social support has been found to contribute to the recovery and return-to-work outcomes of injured workers, but to date, a suitable measure of social support for injured workers has not been widely available. 

Help Us?  We're looking for adults aged 18-65 years, who have experienced a work-related injury or illness to complete a 25-35 minute online questionnaire that asks about their experience of social support (both personal and workplace) during their recovery and return-to-work.  

Where to From Here?  If you'd like to help us, please click on the link below for further information and the survey.